Wake Up the Successful Spirit in YOU. TM

Have you ever dreamed of owning a restaurant?

Have you ever dreamed of having your own wellness spa?

Have you ever dreamed of being a millionaire?

Have you ever dreamed of a sooner retirement at 55?

We are here to help you speed up your business to reach your goals in a shorter time.

Moreover, we also provide consulting services to personal life issues such as love. It’s because we know that a problem-free life can lead to a successful future.

WakeConsulting is a consulting firm from Germany. We aim at providing consulting services primarily to restaurant and spa owners. It’s because the team has direct experiences setting a wellness day spa, Salakanan Spa, and a Thai restaurant, Salakanan Thai Cuisine. We have learnt every single detail from our mistakes operating these entities. We are the expert in establishing a business?

We are ready to provide assistance the way you prefer. Please contact us directly at salakanan.thaicuisine@gmail.com. We can communicate immediately online via whatsapp video call or facetime.

Set your mind for success.

Personal Coaching (online) : €590 per hour

Personal Coaching Super VIP : €890 per hour

3 Days Hide-Away Retreat Weekend in Austria : €9,990 all inclusive ( 2 nights stay at 5 stars hotel)

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